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August 31 2017

You’ve heard about Mom Friend and Dad Friend, now get ready for....


Grandpa Friend™:

- almost always grumpy
- bad at showing affection but cares about their friends a lot
- “what did you say?”, “Sorry i didn’t hear that, can you repeat it?”
- often reminisces about their youth (even though they’re probably only in their twenties. Alternatively: “kids these days…”)
- too old for this shit (see above)
- totally not down with the youth
- bad back (and everything else hurts too)
- likes to complain

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Mimikyu has infiltrated the pack

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First days on the job

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The face you make when you’re about to kill someone that will satisfy the whole fandom

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got asked for pics of my room !! finally cleaned it up a bit

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Ziad Nakad Couture S.S 2017

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Will: Carlton, carlton, I understand that you’re scared, man, but the world can be a scary place. Just got to learn to deal with it.

Carlton: Yeah, well, I found my way.

Will: That’s not you, man. that’s them.

^ i remember this episode i cried while watching this 

Me too. 😢

This episode had me in tears, man. Like, you really knew the characters were growing from this. I loved how it was comedy and still touched on issues that affected Black youth. We need more shows like this on television.

You gotta think, the whole concept of this show was Will growing up in a bad neighborhood where shit like this happened all the time, and Carlton grew up in a life of privilege and sheltered from this kind of life, and I think Will was crying because he came so close to seeing Carlton go down the wrong path and end up like some of his friends back in Philly.

Damnit, y’all… Damn.

But ya’ll be like Will can’t act.

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Sefa Karakuş


“Freaks II”

“Freaks III”

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I never guessed that in my adulthood, I’d be relating to Calvin’s parents as much as I do in this comic.

Because damn … Calvin’s dad was so right.

This is part of an arc where their house got broken into and they have to deal with the ensuing fallout.

Calvin and Hobbes was some real shit, my dude.

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the juxtaposition alone was funny enough. then I saw the caption lol

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August 30 2017


Me to me: You need to lose X lbs so you can be confident and love yourself

Also me to me: Eat that whole pizza or you’re a bitch.

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10 years ago High School Musical 2 was released.

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